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Mental Health Week

It’s that time of year again! It’s Mental Health Week here in Canada (I think it’s Mental Health Week elsewhere too, but I’m just pointing out Canada). I’m sure some of you are thinking “What does that actually mean?” … Well, there are a BUNCH of events going on around the country you can participate […]

Post Stigma

So because of my quietness on the blog, I COMPLETELY forgot to tell you about this AWESOME mental health initiative created by the folks at Lang House in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Remember how awesome the Post Secret website is? Well Post Stigma is the same concept except relating solely to issues of mental health. “Post […]

When will it stop?

I haven’t been blogging much as of late as I don’t really know what to say. Since the Rehtaeh Parson’s story spread across the world, I haven’t really been able to get over the shock of just how awful some kids are. Not only kids – but people. Recently, I have seen many friends from […]

Mental Health & Advertising

Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite time-passer websites, Buzzfeed, when I came across this article about an Hyundai ad coming from Germany. The ad that was use in the article was removed by the user on YouTube, however I was able to find another one for you to see. Unfortunately they even deleted […]

Rehtaeh Parsons 1995-2013

I try to keep this a relatively positive and upbeat place, but over these past few days, I have had a heavy heart. The province I call home has suffered a devastating loss this past Sunday. This loss would affect me just as it has everyone, however my heart breaks a little more since the […]


Other other day while browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube that I really wanted to share with ya’ll. I felt like I was like this man, in the way that I often think about the future and then pull myself back into the present. In that, I need to remind myself […]

Mental Health & Random Roundup

Today I thought I’d share some of the blog posts and articles I’ve enjoyed reading recently. Hope you have a great Easter weekend! 🙂   My friend, Gina, wrote a great poem about trichotillomania (hair pulling) and dermatillomania (skin picking). Partners for Mental Health Community Correspondent Kristen Bower wrote about the “non-believers” of mental illness. […]

Banana Coconut Muffins

So, maybe muffins are my thing? Truth is, they are easy to make and I can put ‘em in B’s lunch. AND they’re a great way to use up fruit that may be going bad. I had some bananas I needed to get rid of and I had a fresh bag of coconut I have […]


As I’ve said many times in the past, I created this blog to share my experience with living with my mental illness. There are things I sometimes choose not to share – privacy like things – but I have something to confess to all of you that I think is only fair for me to […]

Apple Oat Muffins

This blog is a place for me to share various aspects of my life: living with depression, my daily life, my volunteer work with Partners for Mental Health, etc. Since I have moved and have been unemployed, I have been taking this opportunity to brush up on my cooking skills. Both in the cooking and […]